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Au Bout Des Rêves





It was in 1986 that the brand “Au bout des Rêves” was born. Its creator, Catherine Popesco founded it after discovering a lot of original brooches from the end of the century at the Paris flea market. For 20 years , Catherine Popesco developed her brand in France and abroad where she enjoyed great success, particularly in the United States, Australia and Japan.

In 2008 , Catherine Popesco decided to move to the United States and sold her business to the company. one of its employees, the latter perpetuated the manufacturing traditions for 8 years and continued to develop the brand abroad.

And it was in 2016 that we managed to make our place in history. 

Au Bout des Rêves changed ownership. Alexandra BLIN, then a jewelry designer for many years, decided to embark on the great adventure AU BOUT DES REVES.

In 2017 : The head office moves, a store is opened in the town center of Montbrison in the Loire.

In 2018 : renovation of a new 100m2 workshop, the workshop shop having become too small.

Early 2020 : we continued our development despite the health crisis.




A brooch or earrings cannot be designed without rhinestones.

We have always mainly used “SWAROVSKI” crystals and stones. They are essential to obtain quality jewelry.


Our jewelry is made on a base of brass, copper or tin then plated with a layer of silver (layer of 9 microns of pure silver, depending on the piece). The Brass color models are also plated with a brass electrolysis treatment.

We work with French service providers recognized for the quality of their silvering, which allows us to display a true “MADE IN FRANCE”. Our jewelry is manufactured according to European standards in order to limit the risk of allergies.






It’s a jealously guarded secret…a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and whose know-how AU BOUT DES REVES has been perpetuating for over 30 years. The art of enhancing a piece of jewelry through color and transparency. It is a technique that we are (to our knowledge) the only ones to master.

Suspending color on the invisible, giving a colored transparency where there is only emptiness.

The jewelry then changes color depending on the intensity of the light and is incredibly light. It's magical and the end result is identical to church stained glass windows.




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