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Curly Girl Design


In Leigh's words:

We make cards.

We make good cards.

Really good cards.

We make cards for real people, in real life not just occasions (though we do that too).We believe that when you do a thing… you should do that thing simply. You should do that thing authentically. You should do that thing really really well.

So welcome to the place where we do that. Here you will find cracking good greeting cards that are blank inside so you have more space to tell folks you love them, and occasionally other things that strike our fancy. And that’s about it. We hope you like it here and come by often.





Curly Girl Design serves up cleverness daily in a variety of big hearted greeting cards, gifts, decor and accessories. Our designs embrace the magic of small moments and bring heartfelt, and encouraging messages that celebrate, soothe and inspire. Curly Girl is a small business (like four people small) and strives to be a force for positive change by inspiring us all to connect.




Our Philosophy

There is so much important stuff going on in the world currently, and we are grateful to be here (alive and running our small business) at the same time as all of you. Our goal at Curly Girl Design is to help find the words required to connect to one another and ourselves… so we might be a force for positive change in the world. We are inspired everyday by our employees, family, friends, customers, customers who became friends and friends that became family. We know we all need support and that we all have a bright light to shine and share with others. Our award-winning greetings cards and heartfelt gifts are just our way of inspiring human connection and kindness. So, thank you for being here, and buying things and sending cards.


Meet The Founder - Leigh Standley

Leigh is the founder, creative director and boss of Curly Girl Design. Born and raised in St. Louis, Leigh began designing in seventh grade, where she got poor marks in Math class for doodling. She went on to attend University of Kansas School of Design and holds a BFA in Visual Communications. Leigh enjoys traveling, old movies, and singing. She is passionate about storytelling, nerdy about grammar, committed to social justice, engaged in spiritual thinking, invested in public education and all about general togetherness. She can most often be found outside, near the water, forest or forcing her kids to do nature-y things.


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