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Taratata Bijoux

The Story of Taratata Bijoux

In their words:


Well then, everything started with Helen, Philippe and Bernard, a hairy rock star trio, completely off the wall. Having crisscrossed France by moped, car and then by pick-up truck to sell their handmade jewellery, the inseparable trio landed up in Normandy a bit by accident and founded Taratata in 1986.


It all began in a garage, working to the bone, when days started and finished at dawn. It was all hands on deck for the team. Gradually the garage became a swell workshop, then came the secretary, the fax machine and the first mobile phone and Taratata became a vital player in costume jewellery.


"Taratata aims to reach a clientele with stylish character with its dynamic and innovative collections, a clientele looking for boldness and upbeat originality. For the past 30 years now the brand is part of pop culture and is unashamedly inspired by arty icons, everyday symbols and other typical kitsch and out-of-the-ordinary archetypes to create trendy and delightfully offbeat looking jewellery.  Flaunting its exuberance, Taratata proclaims itself to be an unconventional brand focusing on difference. Daring colours and patterns have won over the most eclectic audiences around the world." That's what they say about us.



I could tell you about the marvellous Parisian engraving workshops, the first journey to Japan, the massive arguments, the good laughs around the four corners of the world, the deep discussions about collections, the all handmade and their captivating imperfections, the flops, the tops and the projects ... But frankly, we are more at home at the end of the counter, by the fireside or at the Bigorneau bistro by the seafront.


What we do best is creating jewellery, pieces by great designers, thought out and created by a team with many talents, with know-how, a well thought-out production procedure, a committed marketing plan, far from the clichés and even less from run-of-the-mill products.




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